Wednesday, February 22, 2012

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The Hallyu Wave

There’s no more denying that the Kpop Fever also known as the “Hallyu Wave” had taken over almost all people in Asia, and other parts of the Europe, Latin America and the United States itself. With its catchy music, unique dance steps and good looking group members, fans all over the world can’t seem to get enough of them.

What makes Kpop so popular?

There are so many reasons why people are so into the Kpop Industry. First, is because of their type of music.  Kpop Songs are composed of electronic music blended with hip hop, ballad or other genres of songs. It is also what you can say a mixture of the eastern and western music. it's also always new, their music producers are not afraid to make songs, be it in form of extremity or to the point of being too childish or over dramatic. What’s more to it is that it’s always catchy. Even if one doesn’t understand the Hanggul or Korean Language, once you hear I, you’ll just find yourself humming or singing the song. 

Second of all, their singers are all good looking. Male or Female group members or soloists of KPop are all eye-candy and have good sense of fashion. They also wear cosmetics and clothes that even makes their appearance look better. 

Third, they always dance amazingly. Group Idols always dance in sync. It was as if, their bodies are all connected that they dance the same step as their members all the time. Solo singers who dances also puts a lot of effort into dancing and catching their breath while they sing. 

Another important factor of their popularity is their utilization of the World Wide Web. Unlike other videos of bands from other Asian countries and industries, KPop Music Videos, Live Performances and other things related to the idol groups are not restricted. They even release teasers of music videos on their official Youtube channel. In fact, it is in the online community that the big companies of the KPop Industry first announces about the upcoming songs and albums of their groups.They also has huge fan-based pages and accounts on Facebook that can be considered one of the most famous worldwide. 

What's more? Their idol members has versatility. You see them everywhere! They can do commercials, act themselves out, make you laugh at their variety shows or even compete in TV Olympics and Dance or Singing Battles. With that, you can always recognize them everywhere. 

2ne1's Dara endorsing Etude

Fans are also amused on the preparations one has to experience before finally making a big and successful debut in the KPop Industry. Often, big companies hold auditions, pick talents and make them trainees until the time has come for their debut. They undergo dance, music and acting training. So when they debut, you sure are to notice how great they are on what their doing.

The seventh reason is their style of making MV's. In every Music Video they release, you would always see the uniqueness. But on every video that came out, you'd always High Definition Scenes and Over-the-top settings and story Plots. Some MV's almost feels like you're watching a mini movie because of the dramatic effect that it gives off. 

Last, but definitely not the least reason are their fangirls and fanboys. Because of the reactions that every netizens made on what their idols are doing, other people got curious on what they are fighting about or gossiping about. Their opinions affect on the increasing or the decreasing of the popularity of an idol group or soloist. 

Experts Says:

Teddy, one of the biggest producers of Korea, and producer of YG, explains the increase of popularity of KPOP in the world industry. 

Teddy believes that the “KPop Syndrome” is so popular because KPop mixes elements of Western and Eastern music to produce a new, charming song. He stated, “I’ve recently been told that 2NE1′s music is popular in Mexico and Brazil. People are always amazed at which country these songs come from.”
It is natural for foreigners to like KPop. Since childhood, foreigners become accustomed to the Western style of music and see familiar artists, while KPop brings a new flavor that they have never heard before. Teddy said, “In terms of 2NE1, the powerful and trendy mixed with their oriental looks brings a new and unique atmosphere.”

In an interview with e-fact, the director of a French national broadcasting channel, France 2 TV, commented, “Korean musicians or groups should have no problems succeeding in other European countries, not to mention, any other country in the world.” The director continued, “They are perfect since they have all the basic necessities down along with fluent English. The fact that they have sold out 14,000 tickets in two days without any serious advertisement quantifies the huge potential of the Hallyu wave”.

As for me, I love the Kpop Industry. And all it is because of the reasons cited above. But what made them more endearing to me are the voices of their female idols that you can see from below. Enjoy watching!